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If you don’t have time to meal prep every week, let us do the work for you. To guarantee your success, we will customize a meal plan for you and do all the work. We deliver delicious, healthy meals and snacks at affordable prices directly to your doorstep each week to make it convenient for you to achieve and maintain your nutritional goals.

We believe clean eating should be accessible to everyone, which is why the average cost of one of our meals is just $10. All our meals are free of gluten, dairy, added sugar, and soy. They also feature non-GMO ingredients, hormone-free meat and farm fresh produce. We are committed to the satisfaction of bringing nutritious, gourmet, affordable meals straight to your doorstep.


  • You Choose! – Yes, you get to customize your own meals for each week! No having to select from a limited menu.
  • Fresh Organic Ingredients – We work with local farmers to source all natural, high-quality, organic ingredients to power your day.
  • Tasty Meals – Our gourmet chef creates delicious meals with the freshest, most seasonally available local ingredients possible.
  • Affordable Prices – Our meals are tasty and budget-friendly. The price of our meals range from $9-$16 per meal and $4-$5 per snack.

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